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You will be investing a good deal of money in your driving lessons so when comparing prices it is important that you understand a little about driving instructor qualifications and just what you are getting for your money. For example, are you aware that many driving schools offering cheap lessons use only partly qualified or trainee instructors (PDI’s)? Although this practice is quite legal it is rarely made clear to the student that they are being used for the trainee to practice on. It is also a fact that the chance of passing your driving test with a partly qualified instructor is significantly less than with a full qualified instructor. (ADI) When teaching, it is a legal requirement for the instructor to display his licence in the front windscreen of the vehicle.  

This is the badge displayed by a partly qualified instructor

This is the badge displayed by a fully qualified instructor

Other points worth considering - Will you be the only pupil in the car during your lesson? Some driving schools use your lesson to pick up the next pupil and they sit in the back until you get home and then take over. Is the vehicle fully insured for tuition and driving tests? - Some part time instructors vehicles may not be. Is the vehicle fitted with dual controls? Is the instructor affiliated to a national body such as the Motor Schools Association and keeping up to date with new regulations? Will you get the same instructor every week? Is the stated price just an introductory offer for a couple of hours? Is the stated price per hour? A “Free” lesson might be sitting in a carpark for 30 minutes? Why do some lessons look cheap, is the instructor struggling to find pupils through lack of recommendations etc. Try and get a personal recommendation from someone who has actually passed their driving test.  PRICES

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